R. & J.Brands Postduiven

Welcome at R. & J. Brands Racepigeons

I am Riekelt Brands,born and raised on Urk,The Netherlands.
I am married with Jannie,together we have five children (four boys and one girl),
eleven grandchildren and three dogs.

As a little boy I already had racepigeons at wijk 7 street on Urk, it was a real popular sport in 
our neighbourhood.

Later on when I bought a house for myself there was a small loft on the shed
which was used by the former inhabitant.

So after a few years without racepigeons I started again in this small loft.
I was a member of the "Vrije Vogels" a club which was founded for overnight distances and this club 
was part of the division "Zwolle".
Because there were not enough members this club was dissolved, so I became a member of
the "Tot Weerziens" club.

It was a large group of members that also wanted to take part in division "Zwolle", the distances
were longer,but because we were outnumbered this did not happen.
A few years later the "IJsselmeervliegers" club was founded for taking part in division "Zwolle"
long distances.
And later on the association board decided our club had to take part in division "Friesland".

My wife Jannie and I nowadays live in the small village Espel at a distance of 8 km near Urk.
Espel is also the place where we run our business in petfoods & accessoiries (Brands Diervoeders).
We also have our loft here in Espel and we make good results with our racepigeons.

I started in 2014 as combination player together with my wife ,and we became members
of the club "PV Flevoland".
"PV Flevoland" is a club that is more suited for us as long distance players.

The last two years we concentrate more on the long distance flights.
Despite our small number of racepigeons our results are very good.

We will see what 2014 will bring, we will take effort in keeping you up to date through our homepage.